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To choose the proper rope for your needs, you need to consider:

Jump Rope Styles

Speed RopeStandard Speed Ropes

Available in single (individual), double dutch and long rope lengths.

High quality, smooth-turning ropes recommended for general purpose skipping. Made of solid phthalate free vinyl cord with free-spinning, easy grip low density shatter-proof polyethylene handles, these are the most durable speed-style ropes available. The cord is regularly tested by an independent research laboratory to ensure maximum flexure fatigue resistance.

Speed Rope Advantages:

  • Inexpensive, easy to adjust rope length, for all ages and ability levels
  • Best all-purpose rope for instructors who work with several groups of varying ages (to quickly shorten a rope, just tie a knot or two in the cord below the handle and begin to jump).
  • Lightweight and easy to turn at high speed.

Speed Rope Disadvantages:

  • Less visible than beaded ropes (for performing)

Fitness and Training RopeFitness and Training Speed Ropes

Available in single (individual) rope lengths only.

Using the same quality solid phthalate free vinyl cord, this variation of our standard speed rope features a new handle design for jumpers who prefer a larger grip, and thicker cord (30% heavier to increase turning resistance) for a more challenging workout. Handles are made of shatter-proof, low density polyethylene.

Fitness Rope Advantages:

  • Best speed style rope for cardiovascular training.
  • Larger handles (5”) more comfortable for adult hands.

Long Handle Speed RopeLong Handle (Freestyle) Speed Ropes

Available in single (individual) rope lengths only.

The long handle speed ropes feature a handle that offers an easy hold grip and smooth turning - ideal for jumpers who want a longer handle. Some jumpers find these ropes make "crosses" easier to perform. The light weight cord is the same durable quality used in our standard speed ropes. Handles are made of high density, shatter-proof polyethylene.

Long Handle Rope Advantages:

  • 8” handle makes it ideal for performing arm action, rotation and multiple under skills.
  • Best speed rope for freestyle competition.
  • Handles do not break or squish (like poorer quality competitive ropes).

Long Handle Rope Disadvantages:

  • General rope skipping skills should be developed using standard length handled ropes first
  • These ropes are not recommended for young skippers.

Standard Beaded (Segmented) Ropes - Full or Half-Cut Beads

Half-Cut Beaded RopeAvailable in single (individual), double dutch and long rope lengths also in custom color combinations for either 1.5” or 0.75” bead lengths.

Our beaded ropes are designed to encourage maximum success for both beginning and advanced jumpers. Durable indoors and outdoors, beaded ropes are ideal for all conditions. Low density, shatter-proof polyethylene handles are moulded to fit hands comfortably. Unbreakable, low density polyethylene beads cover the high-strength braided cord that easily withstands heavypunishment against any surface. Fully adjustable to the user's height, these ropes are guaranteed for two years against cord, handle and bead breakage during normal use. Alternating 1 1/2" (38 mm) long multi-colored beads provide high visibility for demonstrations and the weight of the rope provides the optimum aerobic workout.

Standard Beaded Rope Advantages:

  • Durable in colder weather and on pavement
  • Long-lasting (beads can be rotated when the ones striking the floor begin to wear)
  • Good rope for learning basic tricks as the weight of the beads hold the arc for slow turning
  • Good rope for group routines
  • Provides excellent turning control for special tricks (travelling, wheel and other partner/group tricks)
  • Highly visible rope for performance purposes
  • Hearing the sound of the ropes hitting the ground helps establish a regular, rhythmic pattern

Standard Beaded Rope Disadvantages:

  • Ropes are more difficult to adjust for length 
  • Ropes may bounce from the ground during some tricks

PowerBead RopePowerBead™ Ropes

Available in single (individual) rope lengths only.

These beaded ropes are of the same quality and standards as our regular beaded ropes. These ropes are suggested for people wanting the added challenge and exercise gained from double-weight beads.  These ropes come with 5" handles.

PowerBead™ Advantages:

  • Provides optimal weight for Cardiovascular, Power, Strength and Endurance cross training for all sports
  • Inexpensive ‘heavy’ rope

Cloth RopeCloth Ropes

Available in double dutch rope lengths only.

These double dutch woven cloth ropes are the finest quality ropes on the market. Of medium weight and approximately 3/8" (9.5 mm) in diameter, they are easy to control and hold a good arc when turning. Will not bounce when hitting the floor - a great advantage in both training and competition.

Cloth Rope Advantages:

  • Won’t bounce but can slide along floor– ideal for use in competition and shows especially for gymnastics and other intricate movements
  • Easiest style to control and provides excellent arc

Cloth Rope Disadvantages:

  • Ropes can get dirty when used outdoors

Jump Rope Lengths

All rope lengths are measured from handle tip to handle tip, NOT just the length of the cord.

Individual or Single Rope Jumpers

To determine the exact length for an individual, stand on the center of the cord.

The handle tips should reach your armpits. When you jump over the rope, the rope should just brush the floor beneath your feet. If the cord doesn't touch the floor, the rope is too short. If the cord hits the floor in front of your feet, the rope is too long and should be shortened.  More advanced users will usually need a shorter rope than those indicated on the chart.

The size chart and the individual method are general...optimum rope length ideally depends on how high you hold your arms as you turn the rope with your wrist, thus check where it hits the floor and make any minor adjustments.

Rope Length Height of Jumper
6ft Under 4'0"
7ft 4'0" to 4'9"
8ft 4'10" to 5'3"
9ft 5'4" to 5'10"
10ft 5'11" to 6'5"
11ft 6'6" +


Double Dutch or Long Rope Jumpers

Longer length ropes may be used individually or in pairs for double dutch with 1 or more rope jumpers and 2 rope turners.

Rope Length Number of Jumpers
12ft 1
14ft 1 to 2
16ft 2 to 3
20ft 3 to 4
24ft 4+
36ft 5+

How Many Ropes

When teaching a class or a jump rope program it is important to have the proper rope lengths for the group. Our over 25 years as program development and instruction experts has given us the experience to recommend the most common proportions or ropes for different age ranges and grades.

We recommend that you buy a variety of rope lengths to offer individual, partner and group activities as follows:

  • 40 single (individual) ropes
  • 6 pairs of long ropes (12ft to 16ft)
  • 3 pairs of long ropes (20ft to 36ft)

For a class of 30-35 students we recommend 40 ropes to accommodate the varying heights of students and to allow additional longer single ropes for partner activities. We suggest a range of 7ft, 8ft, 9ft and 10ft ropes.

To choose rope lengths that will meet the needs of the age and height of the group, we suggest the following:

Single Ropes

K to 3

4 to 6
7 & up
K to 6
4 to 8
K to 8
7ft 25 10 - 15 5 5
8ft 15 15 10 10 15 15
9ft - 10 15 10 10 15
10ft - 5 15 5 10 5
Total Number 40 40 40 40 40 40


Long Ropes

K to 3

4 to 6
7 & up
K to 6
4 to 8
K to 8
12ft 3 pairs 3 pairs 2 pairs 3 pairs 3 pairs 3 pairs
14ft 2 pairs 2 pairs 3 pairs 2 pairs 2 pairs 2 pairs
16ft 1 pairs 1 pairs 1 pairs 1 pairs 1 pairs 1 pairs
Total Number 6 pairs 6 pairs 6 pairs 6 pairs 6 pairs 6 pairs


Long Ropes

K to 3

4 to 6
7 & up
K to 6
4 to 8
K to 8
20ft 3 pairs 1 pairs - 2 pairs - -
24ft - 2 pairs 2 pairs 1 pairs 2 pairs 2 pairs
36ft - - 1 pairs - 1 pairs 1 pairs
Total Number 3 pairs 3 pairs 3 pairs 3 pairs 3 pairs 3 pairs

The variety of jump ropes listed in this chart will provide optimum success using the Jump2bFit Program resource kit.  Click here for more information.



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