A Baja California Road Trip Guide
Baja Sur, Mexico is one of my favorite regions to explore by car. There is so much more to see than you think!
Start your trip by flying into Los Cabos. This is the largest international airport in the state.
Spend 3 days here exploring Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo - the two municipalities that make up Los Cabos. The famous Arch Rock is a must-see.
Rent a car in Los Cabos for your road trip (and note that mandatory Mexican car insurance will typically double the price that you see online!)
Start by driving roughly two hours northeast to Cabo Pulmo National Park.
If you are interested in diving, snorkeling, whale-watching, or enjoying a beautiful and laid-back beach setting, then Cabo Pulmo is for you.
After a day at Cabo Pulmo, continue on toward the Sierra de la Laguna mountains.
Here you can hike the huge white rocks and even soak in natural hot springs. I recommend two or three days in the area.
Spend the nights in the tiny nearby town of Santiago. (When I say tiny, I mean it!). The people are friendly and rooms are cheap.
Next, drive 2 hours north to La Paz, which means "Peace".
I spent several days in La Paz, as a sort of "rest spot" after all of those days of hiking and swimming! My hotel had a tiny beach and lovely pool.
Make sure to visit nearby Balandra Bay while in La Paz. It is incredibly blue and stunning.
On your drive back south toward Cabo, take the western roads. There are plenty of small towns and sights to explore!
Lastly, spend one more night in Cabo before you fly. Check out the Art Walk in San Jose del Cabo if you get the chance, hosted every Thursday night.
This road trip through Baja Sur will take under 10 hours of driving, leaving plenty of time to explore each stop. Check out the blog for full details!
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