A Guide To Karachi; World’s 5th Largest City.
Start the tour with Jinnah’s house (Founder of Pakistan) to learn about his struggles & achievements
Next, visit Mohatta Palace - a palatial house with history mirroring the Taj Mahal in India.
Commissioned by Shivratan Mohatta, it was built so winds from the sea would cure his wife’s illness.
Next, Karachi is incomplete without street food! From bun kebabs to gol gappe to chana chaat...
...to dosas, kachories, paratha rolls and so much more. It truly is the street food holy grail. 🤤
It also does the best biryani in the country. What pulao is to Punjab, biryani is to Sindh!
Not to forget Sunday’s traditional brunch of heartburn inducing halwa puri 😂 No regrets! 🙈
Another unmissable item is the infamous “gola ganda.”
Gola ganda has ice shavings topped with rose, pineapple or ice cream soda syrups. Happiness in cups.
Karachi’s rich past is also evident through the second biggest cathedral in Pakistan - St.Patrick’s.
Built in 1881 and standing tall at 52 meters, it hovers over Old Karachi (also known as Saddar).
Frere Hall is another true beauty.Originally built to serve as Town Hall,it stands proud since 1865.
Fun fact: Karachi is also home to the world’s largest single dome mosque - Masjid-e-Tooba...🇵🇰
...as well as Asia’s largest cross, standing tall at 140 ft.
And speaking of history; do visit TDF Ghar. It’s been a community centre & tea room since 1931...
...and is promoted as an informal learning space in Karachi, directly facing Jinnah’s mausoleum.
The mausoleum is a stone’s throw away from TDF Ghar; final resting place for the country’s founder.
Last but not the least: what’s a trip to Karachi without dipping our toes in to the Arabian Sea?
And having bhutta (corn on the cob) while we’re at it. 😊