What you'll need
Printer Paper
Water-Based Markers (Crayola)
Before we begin our portraits, let's start with ourselves!
Reflect on the traits you think people notice about you, and write them down.
Interview a friend or someone important to you! Ask them what traits they think you have.
Which words are similar to the ones you thought of for yourself? Or different? How do you think you show those traits in your life?
With those steps being done, let's begin our portraits!
Sit in front of your mirror and have your markers, paper, and damp towel or rag nearby.
Before we begin, think about topographical maps; like these maps, we will be focusing on drawing the rise and fall of our face. Practice this!
Choosing a marker of any color, begin drawing the rises/falls of your face using a single line; don't lift the marker!
Use as many colors as you want following the same strategy until you feel like you're done!
We will now lay our paper over our drawing, and using the damp towel, begin to gently wet the paper to lift the drawing off the mirror.
Now you have this! Set this aside until it fully dries.
Once your paper is fully dry, think back to your reflections and interview; we will now map those points onto our portraits!
For each trait, choose an area on the portrait where you think it would be located.
After all traits are labeled, draw lines connecting the traits you are most proud of!
Look at the traits you may not be as proud of, and think of how they help your other traits. For example, I may be stubborn, but its because I care!
And with that, you should have a finished Map of You! Have someone important to you make their own, and compare your maps after!
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