A Simple Hand Lettering Process for Beginners
Start by drawing the “skeleton". The skeleton is a loose sketch to plan the basic layout.
Sketch light, short marks so it's easy to erase. This part doesn't need to be perfect at all
It’s time to add body & shape. You can adjust anything you didn't love about the skeleton sketch
Notice how I'm building around all sides of the skeleton, not sticking to it exactly
Time to add weight and ink! Start with a thin black pen or marker to outline, I like size 01 Microns
Switch to a thicker marker, like a black Sharpie, to fill in large areas
Switch back to a Micron to get the small corners and edges
Time to add decoration. Try interesting outlines or inline decoration, like dashes
Take your time! My clips are sped up a lot. Most importantly, it doesn't need to be perfect.