A Simple Warm Up For Jumprope Session!🚀
Hi all! I am going to show you 7 short exercises that make up a warm up for a Jumprope session😎 Instagram: @miajumprope
1. Basic bounce - this is great to warm up your calf and lower legs⚡️
Basic bounce side view: try to stay light on your feet and on your toes, have a relaxed upright posture👌
Basic bounce: what to avoid!❌ - try not to land on heels, have arms too wide & avoid leaning over. Aim to have a straight posture.
2. Gentle Run skip!😎 Great for warming up the upper leg and hip flexors.
Basic bounce side view: stay light on your toes, go slow to warm up, have arms tucked in, and looking ahead🔋Try not to land on heels/ lean over to far
3. Side to side boxer step! Great to get the hips / groins warmed up😀
Side view of: side to side boxer step💥 - stay light on your toes, aim to tap shoulder width apart with your toes. Looking straight ahead🙌🏻
What to avoid - side to side boxer step❌: being heavy footed, landing on heels, arms to wide, and facing down at the floor. (Can strain neck)
4. The boxer step! Great to warm up in general 🤪✌🏻 (my favourite warm up move!)
Side view of boxer step; Try to stay light on your toes, arms tucked in by your sides, looking ahead, pushing back with wrists & down with forearms 👍🏻
What to avoid with boxer step❌: heavy landing, arms too wide, looking down, neck moving side to side, jumping to high⚡️
5. Now onto some stretching!😃 Rotate your arms both ways slowly to loosen up your upper body!
6. Next up!Stretching the outer parts of your arms😎✌🏻
7. Ankle rotating💥 this is a good exercise to warm up your ankles! Rotate twice for 15 seconds on both feet.
A closer look at the ankle rotations. Take it slow, and go clockwise & anti-clockwise💯
8. Calf stretching! Complete on each leg for 10-15 seconds & repeat twice for each leg. Try to stay upright and have your back in-line with back leg👍🏻
Avoid ❌ when stretching your calfs, try not to have your knee over your foot or over stretching forwards as this could strain your knee.
All done & ready!😄 complete any other stretches or exercises you feel you need to get warmed up! Have a good session 🙌🏻😎
Equipment for the warm up: a jumprope, some comfy trainers, water and a workout mat 🙌🏻🤩
What you'll need
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Skipping Rope.
Rush Athletics Workout Mat
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