Awesome Mamas Passion Project
Hanging by a hook
My son spent 3 months at the NICU.That’s when I started to crochet - self learnt (YouTube tutorials)
I found it very therapeutic & never really stopped. Every winter has me holding a crochet hook now
I don’t like being told what to do.. unless I am following a crochet pattern 🤪
I have seen thing. Horrible things... empty yarn cupboard things 🤯
Can I just go trick o’ treating and ask for yarn? 🎃
Since we’ve got no place to go... another row, another row, another row...
I turn strings into things 🧶
I NEED A HUGe amount of yarn
In my world, yarn is free.. and crocheting makes you thin
I crochet; and I have the balls to prove it ! 🧶🧶
I was crocheting when crocheting wasn’t cool. Not.
...& I’ll crochet happily ever after... till yarn do us part
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