A Walking Guide To The National Mall, Washington DC
Visit the National Mall without retracing your steps, saving time and energy!
The Washington Monument
Buy a ticket ($1!) ahead of time if you want to go to the top. Or get in line early to get a free ticket before they sell out for the day.
The World War II Memorial
This fountain is part of the memorial that shows just how many people lost their lives during the Second World War.
The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pond
Walk along this pool to fully imagine the power of the "I have a dream" speech that was given nearby.
The Lincoln Memorial
You've probably seen pictures of this memorial so many times that seeing it in person will feel surreal!
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial
This statue, "Three Soldiers," specifically represents soldiers from three different ethnicities to celebrate the diversity of America at this time.
Be sure to swing by the wall to read some of the names of those who fought during the Vietnam War.
Korean War Veteran's Memorial
We often forget about the Korean War, but this memorial reminds us of how serious this war was.
The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
If you love reading great quotes, you'll feel blessed to read these inspirational quotes about justice.
The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
Learn about FDR's presidency and the Great Depression at this elaborate memorial.
The George Mason Memorial
If you've never heard of George Mason, you're not alone. He worked behind the scenes with many great men, such as Jefferson and Washington.
The Jefferson Memorial
Finally, you'll come to the Jefferson Memorial. Since they recently remodeled it, you'll have a great visit!
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