A Zine About Me
Here’s my zine example!
Watch the 8-page zine folding tutorial on YouTube! Then number your pages.
Unfold your zine.
Start with page 1 (your cover) Title it: A Zine About Me. Add your name + draw something about you!
Here’s my page 1 example. Notice how I made fun fonts and took up the whole page!
Find page 2: Write what you like to do for fun. Draw a picture of it!
Page 3: Write these five questions with your answers!
Page 4: Write where you were born. Draw something that reminds you of your birthplace.
Page 5: Write three words from this list that describe you. Use funky fonts and take up the page.
Page 6: Write something you want me to know about you. Write a question for me.
Page 7: Write something you’re good at that no one knows. Name and draw your hero/ role model.
Page 8 (back cover): Design how you want! Take up the whole page!