I yam what I yam.. and what I yam is aaloo paratha!
Aaloo.. is it me you’re looking for ?
In a stand mix add : atta, oil, salt and water. Knead till soft dough forms
Cover dough up in a greased bowl and leave till you prepare the aaloo mixture
To mashed potato add coriander,green chilies,onion,salt,red chili,zeera, dhaniya,garam masala,lemon
Roll out some dough for one paratha on floured surface
Spread some aaloo mixture (leaving the edges uncovered)
Roll out another, same sized paratha dough & put it over the prepared one. Press down on edges
Fry on low to medium heat, by adding oil as and when needed
Aaloo paratha tayyar hai. Enjoy with green chutney
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