Adding Low Relief To A Clay Tile Design
What you'll need
Clay Tile
Practice Clay
Small Bowl Of Water
Bamboo Skewer or Toothpick Or Fork
Wet Towel For Clean Up
Think about what part of the picture might be closest to you if it has depth.
Choose two or three details to add low relief.
Use a bit of practice clay and try making a little shape like a circle or a nose.
Try it on! If it’s too big or too small. Take away or add a bit of clay to get a better fit. Try it on again.
Keep trying on the little detail! When it fits & you like the look of it, it’s time to attach.
Use a bit of water and a tool to scratch and attach the low relief clay detail.
Scratch both the tile area and the add on detail.
Sandwich the two parts together, and press to join the pieces.
There may be slurry that squished out! Just clean it off gently with your pencil ;)
Continue to add low relief to the tile in the same way. Scratch to attach each piece with water.
Check your craftsmanship!
When done, store the finished tile in the plastic zipper bag. We want to keep it a bit wet for travel back to school.
Have fun! The more you practice the better you get!
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