Aik Plate ‘Eid Kahani’ Hojaye
Let’s start by adding in primary ingredients w/o whom kahani adhoori hai-Meet the parents. Sauté
Add in a drop of Twin Mix, & a dash of brother. Mix it up for a few years
To add some extra spice, add in a dadi, and some fam bam. Stir fry all till it’s golden brown
Let’s throw in a husband now and bring to boil. Now lower flame & set on dum (in my case, 6 months)
Once it’s simmered, pour in a Daniyal - he’ll bring in all the necessary flavours to the kahani
Dice up lots of mehndi & chooris. Cover & let it cook till color darkens & kahani is ready
Turn off stove & garnish with the best of friends
And there you have it: aik plate garm-a-garam ‘Sara ki khaas Eid Kahani’, sirf aapkay liyay
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