Alternate Nostril Breathing For Migraines
As migraine warrior, I’ve found this to be helpful. Always consult your doctor to get pro advice!
Right hand with index & middle finger folded in. Left hand with index finger & thumb pressing.
Close off right nostril with thumb, exhale slowly through left nostril.
Close of left nostril with ring finger & slowly inhale slowly through the right nostril.
Repeat 5x. With each inhale, feel the air travel all the way up to the brain. Exhale release tension
Relax fingers. Focus on space between eyebrows. Take a deep breath in & out through both nostrils.
Change sides. Left hand framing nostrils. Exhale through the right & inhale through the left.
Repeat 5x. Release fingers. Focus on space between eyebrows. Inhale & exhale through both nostrils.
Interesting note: The right side 👃🏼 stimulates the left brain 🧠. And vice versa!
The right brain controls creativity, imagination & art. The left side, logic, maths & facts.
Try it out! For migrainuers, try on onset of migraine. Otherwise, it’s a great energising exercise!
Thank you for joining in!
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