Start by making “rabri”. Boil milk in a heavy bottomed pot to prevent burning & reduce to a third.
Add a tbspn of paneer (optional) to thicken; saffron & cardamom and a tbspn of sugar to sweeten it.
To make “paneer”bring whole milk to a boiling. Add 🍋juice or vinegar to curdle. Remove from heat.
Take a cheese cloth, rest it over a sieve & a deep bowl under it, pour the curdled milk through it.
Press to remove water from paneer; you can also hang it over your kitchen faucet so it drips slowly.
Knead to remove all graininess from the paneer and make it super-smooth. Make approx 20 balls.
In 3 cups of water, add only 1 tbspn of sugar and boil on a gentle simmer for 8-10 min
Drain sugar syrup & combine with “rabri” Let it gently simmer. Garnish with pistachios and saffron.
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