Art Machines: An Arts & Learning Snack!
You’ll make three kinetic sculptures in this Arts & Learning Snack. You’ll need scissors & a marker.
Pop out components from the cardboard kit. If you don’t have a kit, make your own cardboard parts!
Make three Xs and connect together with fasteners. Cardboard pieces = levers & fasteners = fulcra.
Connect the lever ends together with fasteners so they move in unison.
Let’s build something that can talk! Draw a face on cardboard & cut into two pieces along the mouth.
Flip the face & fasten extended levers with cut pieces of sticky foam. Keep top & bottom separate!
It talks! What does it say? Did you have to troubleshoot it to make it work? What else can you make?
Let’s make a grabber! Use the scrap cardboard to design and build claws. Attach with claws closed!
You have a mechanical claw that grabs and lifts! What else can you make?
Take apart & rebuild into your own special machine. This one now has levers that move left & right!
Design an attachment using scrap cardboard. This one has a finger! What could yours be?
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