5 Attractions at Hershey's Chocolate World
The Hershey's Chocolate Tour is a must-do for anyone in the area. The best part? It's free!
Since you can't visit the actual factory, this ride is the next best thing! You can learn how they make chocolate at the factory.
A variety of teachers and tour guides will tell you everything you need to know about the chocolate factory.
If the free tour inspires you to spend the whole day at Hershey's Chocolate World, your next stop is to buy tickets.
For the freshest chocolate ever, make your own candy bar at the mini factory on site!
After putting on hair nets, you can pick your ingredients and even design the wrapper.
You can even follow your candy bar down the line to see how it's made.
You can learn all about the science of tasting chocolate during Hershey's Unwrapped. You also get to practice tasting different candy bars!
The interactive show is entertaining for all ages. Everyone will learn something and laugh throughout the program!
Be sure to visit Hershey's Largest Candy Store. It's another free attraction, unless you buy everything that sounds yummy!
You can even buy their delicious candy in bulk!
Be sure to check out the 4D show, as well. Get there early and you might become part of the show!
You can see pictures of the Hershey's Bar, Reese's Cup, and Hershey's Kiss having fun while you wait for the show to begin.
These 5 attractions will definitely give you the Hershey's Chocolate World experience!
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