Prep the face with a moisturizing primer.
Glue the brows down thoroughly and layer it with setting powder.
Add concealer to your eyebrows then foundation all over the face be sure to blend with a sponge or blending brush.
Add a mauve/blue cream shade onto both sides of the nose and blend upwards into the brow, then add a warm gold/ yellow shade to blend it out.
Use a blend of pink & red cream shadow to the cheeks, nose, and outer eyelids. We will continue to deepen the cheekbones and facial features later on.
Add a dark blue shade onto the sides of the nose bridge then highlight the nose bridge with light blue (blend). Use purple to deepen the cheekbones.
+ White to the nose bridge to add more dimension, and use the excess product onto the outer parts of the brows. Deepen the shadows with dark blue.
+ Dark blue to the jawline and throat area then blend away. + Strokes of red to the sides of the throat and add white to the center, then blend again.
+ Concealer to the lips & blend the excess onto the outer parts of the lips and areas that are uneven in complexion. Add eyeshadow onto the lips.
Add an eyeshadow base then add yellow to the lid area and create a wing shape. Add yellow to the bottom lid and blend upwards into the wing.
Add orange highlighter to the cheeks and nose for a sun kissed look, then add a neutral highlight to the Cupid’s bow of the lips.
Add more highlight to the nose bridge and brow area, then add yellow eyeshadow to the top&bottom lids. Use orange shadow/liner to make a winged liner.
Put on your wig and any other additional head pieces then finish off with some brown shadow to accentuate the eye shape.
Thank you for sticking to the end! Here is the final Look!
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