Balance Exercises For Figure Skaters
Start in a standing pike with alternating knee bends. If you can’t reach the ground you can modify it by putting your hands on your shins.
Now that our hips are a little warmed up try balancing on one foot keeping your focus forward. The arm placement is up to you :)
For this one a yoga block can be useful if available. You are going to practice balancing in your air position. Base foot flexed, Free leg pointed
Next practice balancing in your landing position. Keep your eyes focused ahead and stretch your free leg!
Going back to our 1 foot balance, try balancing while moving your free leg from the front, to the side, and to the back.
Try balancing on your toes either on one foot or two. You can hold onto something if needed. But most importantly make sure your ankles are aligned.
Lastly try holding a bird dog position. This one helps to stabilize your core as well as working your balance.
Some of these items can help increase the difficulty of these exercises! (#1)A Bosu Ball
(#2) A Balance Board
(#3) A Balance Pad
What you'll need
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Bosu Ball (optional)
Soft Yoga Block (optional)
Balance Board (optional)
Balance Mat (optional)
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