3 Basic Tips To Learn Transitions On Roller Skates
Transitions in roller skating are when you go from a forward movement into a backwards movement or the other way around
A transition is a 180 degrees turn. You can use it to stop quickly.
Transitions can be hard to learn, so here are 3 basic tips to help you master transitions. And always remember to keep a good body posture.
Practice shifting your weigt. To do a transition you should be able to have all your weight on one leg so you can move the other leg.
Practice looking over your shoulder. Shift your weight onto one leg, look over the other, and point your finger!
Heel heel - toe toe
Put you feet in a "V" position. Make turns putting your toes together, and then your heels.
Make transitions by combining the steps: shift your weight, look over your shoulder and point, heel to heel, toe to toe.
You can practice this standing in place while holding onto something or on your carpet to make sure you're safe.
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