8 Beautiful Ramadan Traditions From Around The World!
Ramadan is more than the just the month of fasting. It’s rooted in culture, faith & history. Muslims mark it with celebrations,unique to every region.
Morocco: during Ramadan, the country’s streets are roamed by the nafar - a town crier who marks the the start of dawn (support) with his melodies.
Turkey: similarly,ever since the days of the Ottoman Empire,those fasting during Ramzan have woken up to the sound of a drum beating early for suhoor.
Egypt: every year, Egyptians welcome Ramadan with colourful fanous - intricate lanterns which symbolise unity and joy throughout the holy month.
Albania: Roma Muslims perform ballads! Every day during Ramadan, they will march up and down the streets playing the lodra, a cylindrical drum.
Pakistan: after their final Iftar, droves of women and children flock to local bazaars to buy bangles for Eid, and to apply henna on their hands.
UAE: children roam the streets in colourful clothes, collecting sweets the day before Ramadan. This traditional practice is known as Haq al-Laila.
Iraq: after Iftar, men come together for a traditional game of mheibes. It involves two groups of 40 players, who take turns to conceal & find a ring.
Indonesia: across the country, Muslims conduct different rituals to ‘cleanse’ themselves on the day before Ramadan.It is traditionally called Padusan.
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