Beautiful waterfalls in the US
There are so many wonderful waterfalls in the US to choose from! Here's a selection of some gorgeous ones worth seeing.
Havasu Falls in Arizona is a great place to visit on a camping trip. The beautiful turquoise blue water make it an amazing spot for photographers.
It takes a short uphill hike through Akaka Falls State Park to reach Akaka Falls. This 422 ft tall waterfall is one of the most famous in Hawaii.
DeSoto State Park has a nice lookout point where you can see the spectacular DeSoto Falls, one of Alabama's tallest waterfalls.
Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge is a 600 feet waterfall, making it the tallest in Oregon and a very popular natural attraction.
Visiting Ruby Falls, the mesmerizing waterfall in Tennessee, is quite an adventure. You have to go down into a hidden underground cave to reach it.
The impressive Palouse Falls in Washington date back to the Ice Age. Visitors can view and take pictures of the waterfall from several viewing points.
To reach the highest waterfalls in North America, Yosemite Falls, take an uphill hike to the viewing point to see the Upper Yosemite Fall.
Watching the rainbows and mist at Snoqualmie Falls is a magical experience, viewable from observation platforms.
Finally, the most famous waterfall in North America, the splendid Niagara Falls, one of the top natural wonders of the world.
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