Bechamel Pasta Bake (Macarona Bechamel)
Make the bechamel by firstly melting the butter over medium heat
Add the flour in a few tablespoons at a time and continue to whisk
Once all the flour has been cooked, drizzle in the milk a bit at a time and continue to whisk
Continue whisking on medium low heat until the bechamel becomes smooth. Add the chicken stock.
Add the seasoning and continue to whisk until it thickens and does not separate when you run a finger through the back of a spoon
Mix the pasta with a bit of the bechamel sauce
Layer the casserole by adding a bit of sauce, then half the pasta, then the layer of meat
Add the second half of the pasta on top
Add the rest of the sauce on top and smooth it out. Bake at 375F for 45 mins then broil for 15 mins or until golden
Allow it to set for 15 mins then slice into pieces and enjoy. Recipe at
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