Beginner AcroYoga Straddle Throne
Welcome to AcroYoga!
Base places toes on inner thighs of flyer at inseam area. Flyer’s feet step near to base’s hips.
Use reverse hand-to-hand grip with base’s fingers facing out and flyer’s facing forward.
Flyer jumps straight up, pressing into hands & lifting chest. Base drives feet under flyer’s thighs.
Base has knees bent & arms straight while flyer wraps legs in front of base’s shins, hooking ankles.
Flyer sits straight up, as hands are released, then base can straightens legs.
Explore range of motion. Base can rotate flyer slowly while flyer holds their shape. Build trust.
To come down flyer unwraps one leg then the other while base bends knees to let flyer down on feet.
Thank you! Be safe!
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