Beginner Friendly Eyelash Tutorial.
First step is to choose the type of eyelashes you like.
Make sure that your lash fits your eye, measure it up and cut if necessary.
The glue that you use is very important, try out a few so you can figure out which one works for you.
If you are reusing lashes, make sure to take off the lash glue that is already on there, make sure to be gentle with this.
As your lash glue is drying, prep your eye lashes with mascara.
Knowing which tool to use will come with experience, I would recommend using an eyelash applicator if you’re a beginner
Use a hand held mirror to get the best view of your eyelashes, tilt it slightly so you can see where your lash is being placed.
Apply from above and press onto the centre first and hold, give it a few seconds before you move on.
Now use your fingers or applicator and press on the sides.
And there you have the perfect lash application.
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