Begonia Rex Plant Care
Rex Begonias are native to northern India. Breeding of the plant have resulted in numerous cultivars with dramatic and beautiful foliage!
Begonia Rex need bright, indirect light to grow but will also tolerate low light levels. They can't handle full sun. Bright, indirect light is shown.
When potting a begonia a high quality, general purpose potting soil is ideal.
Begonias LOVE water. Their leaves will quickly droop when they are thirsty.
If you have potted your plant in a terracotta pot with a drainage hole, you will have to water about 2 to 3 times a week.
You can also pot your plant in a ceramic pot with no drainage so the plant only needs to be watered every week or so.
Always check soil moisture levels with your finger before you water, especially if you choose to use a pot without drainage!
Never mist the leaves to clean them, it can cause powdery white mildew to appear on their delicate fuzzy leaves. Wipe with a cloth instead.
Fertilize your begonia every 2 weeks in the summer for maximum growth!
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