Best Cherry Blossom Spots In London For 2021! 🌸
Battersea Park: the south entrance is a haven for blossom lovers. Rows and corners brim with these pink beauties between early to late April. 🌸
Pro tip: go early in the morning to avoid crowds & rush hour. Also, large gatherings are prohibited under lockdown rules during the COVID-19 pandemic.
St. Paul’s Cathedral: it’s a famous saying in London that once cherry blossom trees appear in front of St. Paul’s, spring has officially sprung! 🌸
However, sometimes snow and blossoms appear at the same time. 🙈 Perfect season to experience them is between late March and mid-April.
Regent’s Park: entrance on the opposite end of London Zoo is such a picturesque pink sight. Blossom petals are seen between late March to late April.
South Kensington: those who are fond of white blossoms can make their way to London’s most expensive borough,for blossom walks in its neighbourhoods.
St. James’s Park: it’s no surprise that the Royal Park right next to Buckingham Palace is a pink paradise! Ideal for late evening or early bird walks.
Waterloo: bus stops opposite Waterloo station are so beautifully decorated with Cherry Blossom trees. Waiting for the bus has never been more joyful.
Southwark Park: all of Southwark Park’s lovely ponds and artificial lakes are surrounded by blossom trees. If you seek a slice of peace, go here. 🌸
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