Best Hikes In Sedona, Arizona You Must Do!
The Birthing Cave: this is a short hike rates easy that takes you to a cool end spot.
Seven Sacred Pools: This trail can be as long as you want. There are tons of sights like this one along the way. Look for caves and sinkholes too!
Cathedral Rock: one of the best spots to watch a sunset from! Bring a headlamp when hiking down though and be careful the rock can be slick.
Wet Beaver Creek: a fun little hike that offers cliff jumping at the end.
Devil’s Bridge: This hike has a natural bridge. Rated as moderate but if you want this place to yourself get here early otherwise there is a line.
Red Rock Crossing: More of a walk that starts at the back of a park but leads to gorgeous views like this one!
I have a whole list of hikes you can check out on my blog!
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