The kits look great but you might have some more questions...let’s help you with that!
Do I need a consultant to sign up? What do you say Jen?
What does it mean to be an independent consultant?
Pampered Chef is a party-based business. Let’s hear from Melissa about how to “party”.
What other ways can I sell Gianna?
I don’t cook much...can I still be a consultant?
I’ve never sold anything or I’m not good at selling. 😬 Is there training?
How do I get free and discounted products?
Can I start earning money right away?
More new consultant perks!
What’s your “why”?
How many hours do I have to work each week?
What kind of guarantees do PC products have?
If you want to experience being a host first...
We can’t wait to have you a part of the team!
Contact the consultant who invited you to view this video to sign up today!
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