SUPPLIES NEEDED: Watercolor paper, Pencil ✏️, Watercolors, Paint brushes(thin, medium/wide), Water, Mixing Palette, Paper Towel
Using a bowl/small plate, lightly trace a circle in the middle of your paper.
Lightly sketch three circles(quarter-sized) around your main circle.
Carefully wet each small circle with plain water 💦
Choose your first flower color & paint in the three circles. Use a small amount of paint, letting the water dilute the color a bit.
Create four more circles with plain water, before adding a second flower color with diluted paint.
Using smaller circles to start with, paint “teardrop”-shaped leaves around the different flower clusters.
Make sure to distribute your leaves🍃, pointing them in different directions around the wreath.
Paint extra small “dot” flowers all around the wreath with a third flower color. Cluster them around the bigger flowers.
With a skinny brush, add “c”-shaped brush strokes of an extra color to your first set of flowers. Try using colors from similar color “families.”
EXAMPLES OF GOOD COLOR-MIXING COMBOS: Red&Yellow, Orange&Yellow, Green&Blue, Violet&Blue, Red&Blue, Green&Yellow
To finish your first set of flowers, add a third layer of darker brush strokes in the original color to create more distinct “petals.”
Add a layer of tiny dots in another color to your second set of flowers. Use extra water dots to encourage the colors to blend.
Finally, add a contrasting center “dot” to all of your smallest flowers.
To finish, add veining to the leaves & varying lengths of stems in the gaps around the wreath.
Feel free to add any meaningful quote/affirmations/mantra of your choice!
I hope you enjoyed creating with me today! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎
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