Blue Snowy Night Eyeshadow Look
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Colourpop Blue Moon Eyeshadow Palette
Bperfect Carnival Palette
Starting off with your eyeshadow base or primer on.
Start with a white eyeshadow & place it below your brow bone. Focus it in the inner corner as well as you want that to be the brightest.
Below the white, blend a pale baby blue into it. Always blending the next shade right below the last.
Blend a baby blue below the pale baby blue.
Next blend a sky blue into the baby blue. Using the same blending brush, wiping it between shades.
W/ a more pointed blending brush, take a deeper sky blue/regular blue eyeshadow & begin focusing it on the outer corner & blend it into other blues.
Now apply a deep blue & add it to the outer corner & pull any excess shadow into the crease.
Lower lash line: Start w/ the deep blue on the outer 2/3rds & the white on the inner & merging them in the middle w a few of the blues in between.
Adding highlights now above where the white eyeshadow was placed & connecting it to the face highlight.
Next cutting the crease & setting it with the white eyeshadow. *If you have hooded eyes, looking up helps to use the transfer as a guide line.
Blend the white into the look, gradating from the deep blue, sky blue, pale blues, into the white.
After adding mascara or lashes, tie the whole look together w/ a highlight w/ a blue shift.
You can leave the look as is or take it a step further & add some snowflake stickers. Using tweezers to place & the back of them to press on.
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