Bold Pink Makeup Tutorial
Apply your foundation, I like to use a brush as it helps to give me more coverage, typically a sponge soaks up more product.
Using your favourite contour stick, apply your contour in all the necessary places. For darker skin tones I definitely recommend the Fenty matchstix.
Apply your concealer under your eyes, on your forehead and down the bridge of your nose.
Using a smaller dense brush, blend out that concealer, this may be tricky so you can always go in with a sponge at the end to blend any streaks.
Use a slightly lighter concealer and apply in the same places again, make sure it’s only one or two shades lighter.
I initially applied a darker brown shade to the outer v of my eye to blend with the transition shade and packed on the pink use a small shade brush.
This helped to create the depth in the crease as you can see, so that the look has some depth to it. Use a mascara to coat your natural lashes.
Apply your favourite lashes. Quick tip: place the mirror slightly under your eye so you can see if it’s blending with your natural lashes.
Make sure to spray your face! A full face of makeup needs to last all day and these the job of your setting spray.
A nude lip is a great option for a bold eyeshadow look, first of all apply a brown lip liner
Apply a nude lipstick in the center. Lipsticks under a lipgloss always help the lip to last longer
Top with a light pink coloured lipgloss to complete the lip look.
And there we have it the completed look.
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