Booty Band Low Impact Workout
Static squat with heel raises. Targets: quads and seat.
Tighten your abs, lift your chest, shoulders back/down. Keep your hips low and steady as you step, come back to center and squeeze your seat to stand
Glute Medius hydrants. Targets: your side butt
Tilt your tailbone, grip your abs to secure a neutral spine. Squeeze your seat to lift your leg to hip height. Keep your supporting cheek tight too
Raised hip clams. Targets: obliques and outer thigh & seat
Elbow under your shoulder, lift your torso up, squeeze your abs & seat holding your body still as you move your leg into your gripped seat
Bridge with alternating arms. Targets: seat, hamstrings, abs and shoulders
Thanks for working out with me! For more ways to Make Time For Me Time you can also find me on Insta & YouTube @sostyled.jen
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