BPMS: Applying Underglaze Wash & Clear Glaze To A Tile
Before you start, all tiles need to be bisque fired.
Prep the materials: black underglaze, brush, sponge and basin of water.
Apply a small amount of underglaze with a brush. Try to fill the carved lines.
Allow the underglaze to dry. Use a wet sponge to wipe the underglaze off. Turn the sponge as you go.
As the sponge is covered with underglaze, turn to a new area.
If part of a line is not black, use the sponge to add back underglaze to the area.
Once a tile is wiped, set it aside to dry a few minutes.
Apply the clear glaze with a brush. Begin in the middle of the tile.
Always move the tip of the brush from the CENTER to the EDGE without going over.
Keep the glaze off the edge of the tiles.
If it drips, wipe it clean. Make sure there is no glaze on the back of the tiles!
Put all glaze back in the storage container. Wash brushes and wipe the table. Ready for the kiln.
Have fun! The more you practice the better you get!
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