7 Brainstorming Ideas for a Unique Wedding Venue
Choose a location with unique meaning to you. This makes is even more meaningful to you as a couple.
Private residences can double as venues. Think barns, rooftops, backyards, vacation homes, etc.
Hobbies make great theme weddings, especially when held at a related location. Your favorite campground, an art studio, or casino, for example.
Favorite sports are another jumping off point for a unique wedding venue. Bowling alley or golf course anyone?
Nature provides a perfect backdrop to any wedding location. Consider lakes, the beach, or even a cave.
Wedding locations can be a reflection of your personality as well. Like a fun-loving couple's wedding at an amusement park or brewery, for example.
Military or couples in public service may opt for a location related to that. Such as a police station or veteran's hall.
See 76 nontraditional venue ideas in more detail. Search on Google: My Online Wedding Help Venues
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