Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Art @nailsbymets
Today’s nail art from @nailsbymets: Easy Breast Cancer Awareness nail art design ~ CHECK YOUR BOOBS!
What you'll need
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Lecenté D3 Brush. Use METS10 for £ off
CND™️ VINYLUX™️ Aurora
CND™️ VINYLUX™️ Boheme
CND™️ VINYLUX™️ Kiss From A Rose
CND™️ VINYLUX™️ Phantom
CND™️ VINYLUX™️ Pink Bikini
CND™️ VINYLUX™️ Top Coat
Apply 1 coat of your chosen base colour. I’m using CND Aurora (no base coat needed)
Apply a 2nd coat.
Use a brown & the Lecenté D3 brush to paint a semi circle/boob shape. Use 3 dots to help guide you.
Using the same shade, apply a big dot in the middle, using a dotting tool. I’m using CND Boheme.
Apply a smaller dot inside the big dot, using a darker brown. I’m using CND Phantom.
Use a pink like CND Kiss From A Rose & the Lecenté D3 brush to paint half of the BCA ribbon.
Using a darker pink like CND Pink Bikini to paint the other side of the ribbon.
Use the dark brown to paint another boob.
Use the lighter brown to paint a heart shape in the middle of the boob.
Apply a top coat to deal in the design! My favourite is CND Vinylux ~ super glossy & fast drying!
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