Bridge Over Colored Water Painting Demo
Dispense red, yellow, blue, green, black, brown, and white paint
Start with red, paint using small chunky strokes over the top half. Blend into the other colors of the rainbow. Highlight with white to add interest
Use brown to add the hill. Flat about 2 in over and then down. Fill in with brown, highlight with yellow, white and dark brown.
Paint upside down triangle for bridge support. Highlight left side with white paint.
Fill in the water using horizontal strokes of blue paint. Overlap hill to make shoreline.
Use a dry brush and blue paint to gently shade the top 1-2 inches of water for the shadow from the bridge.
Using all the colors on your palette add streaks to the water as the reflection.
Paint 4 skinny tree trunks on the right side of the canvas. Light pressure on the brush to keep them skinny.
Paint horizontal line at the top from the left side to the hill. Add a line 2 in above. Paint 5 vertical lines evenly spaced. Add hash marks lightly.
Using a blend of light green, dark green, and yellow add the leaves of the trees and bushes on the hill. Use short choppy strokes.
Add posts on the bridge. Outline in black on the bridge and posts. Add the supports under the bridge and highlight in white. Sign your work!!
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