With Eid around the corner I wanted to share a fusion dish we love in our home: Brisket Samosas!
You want to start with beef brisket or chuck roast that has good marbling.
Next we want to make our dry rub.
Salt, paprika, brown sugar, garlic & onion powder, black pepper, cumin, coriander & cayenne.
Give it all a good mix.
Now rub it into your dry and clean piece of meat.
Melt some butter in a cast iron or a large fry pan and add your dry rubbed meat to sear.
Sear on all sides to form a nice crust to hold all the spices and flavors in while it roasts.
Transfer into a roasting pan with a wire rack. This helps circulate the air during cook time.
Ingredients for cooking liquid.
Soy sauce, hot sauce, instant coffee, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, water.
Pour your cooking liquid into your roasting pan.
Double seal with foil and in it goes at 250’F for 5 hours. Rule of thumb: 1.15 hrs per lb of meat.
After 5 hrs we have brisket. Let it sit covered for 30 mins before serving or handling.
And brisket is ready to serve! But of course we are going to take it a step further!
Take some of your brisket and shred it using 2 forks.
Now add some of your favorite BBQ Sauce to the shredded brisket.
Now we’re ready to fill! Use springroll wrappers to wrap the samosas & seal using a flour mixture.
I have a full tutorial on Samosa Wrapping 101 on the blog.
Now we’re ready to fry! To check if the oil is hot, insert a wooden spoon into the oil.
Carefully add the samosas to the hot oil in batches.
Fry until golden brown. Remove & drain on a paper towel
And there you have it: Brisket Samosas
Enjoy with a side of more bbq sauce, pickles and green onions as garnish!