Broadway Boogie Woogie
Piet Mondrian lived from 1872 until 1944 and was from Holland.
He loved jazz music because it had rhythm.
He loved order because there was balance.
Mondrian didn’t always paint with geometric shapes.
But he then developed this style.
He used mostly square and rectangle shapes with straight lines. ..
And the primary colors
Broadway comes from the street name in New York City.
Boogie Woogie is associate with the blues.
He lived in New York for a while in an apartment.
When he looked down from his window, this is what he saw.
You may have seen his influence in items you can buy.
These are stickers!!
Today you will need these supplies.
If you don’t have a ruler, fold a piece of paper to use as a straight edge.
Begin adding your streets.
Continue adding lines and squares for building.
And squares on the streets for cars.
Add color. You may ONLY use the primary colors.
Add red and blue to be the buildings and the cars.
Please show your finished work to the camera.
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