Brown To Black Smokey Look
Starting with my eyes primed, I’m going to add some brown liner all over the mobile lid
Now I’m smudging the brown pencil with a clean brush just to clean up the hard edges
Moving to the black, I’m taking the black liner and only applying it to the bottom part of the lid
With a clean small brush I’m doing the same thing as the brown but making sure the black stays low
Now I’m adding a terracotta brown shade to the top part of the crease for transition
With the same brush I took a dark chocolate brown and applied it all over the mobile lid
Taking the black liner again and adding some of the black we lost with the brown
With a flat brush I’m taking some black eyeshadow and setting the black liner
With a small brush I’m taking a mixture of the black and Chocolate brown and blending it upward
With the black and the brown pencil, I’m doing the same steps as on the top lid to smoke the bottom
Now with a small brush I’m applying the brown and black shadows to set the pencil
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