BTS Conversation Hearts
Materials: wooden hearts, acrylic paint, paint brushes, mini clothespins and hot glue.
Paint the front and side of your hearts.
Make sure to clean your brush between each color.
Paint the rest of the hearts. Let them dry.
Turn and paint the back. This is optional but I think they will look better. Let them dry.
Using hot glue, attach the clothespin to the back of each heart. Any direction you like.
Ask your teenager for the name of each member of BTS. Google is helpful too.
Using red paint and a thin brush, write the name/nickname on the hearts.
You can write the name with pencil first, to make it easier.
And that's it. Once you're done with the names, this is how they look.
I'll hang the hearts on a piece of cord and use it as decoration this Valentine's Day.
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