Build An Electric Vehicle
What you'll need
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Hobby Motor
Gear Pulley
Gear Pulley Wheel
6” 1/8” Wide Dowel Rod
Jumper Cables
AA Battery
Single AA Batter Holder
Thin Plastic Wheels
4” x 4” Coroplast
Black Rubber Bands
Thick Plastic Wheel
Sticky Foam Slices
Electrical Vehicle Coach Guide
Slide dowels into ends of coroplast. Add 2 thin wheels to front and 1 thick + 1 gear wheel to back.
Attach gear pulley to end of motor. Align motor to gear wheel and attach with sticky foam.
Place 1 AA battery into battery holder and attach 1 jumper cable to each pin on the battery holder.
Attach the battery to car using sticky foam. Connect wire ends from motor to the jumper cables.
Place rubber bands on both wheels on the back of the vehicle to help create traction.
Test and make adjustments to make your vehicle work.
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