Build Wooden Vehicles With Hand Tools! (PK-8)
What you'll need
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One for every two participants
7oz Hammer
One for every three participants.
#2 Philips Screwdriver
4 per participant
Wooden Wheels
1 per particpant
Wooden Block
1 per participant
Assorted Wooden Blocks
10 per classroom
8oz Containers with Plastic Lids
4 per participant
1 14/“ #8 Drywall Screws
4 per participant
1 1/2” Roofing Nails
One for every two participants
2” Squares 80 Grit Sandpaper
1 per participant
Safety Googles
1 per participant
Plastic Plate
10 per classroom
Plastic Tray
6 per classroom
Colored Plastic Bins
30 per classroom
Assorted Crayola Markers
5 copies of each
Visual Instructions
Wooden Vehicles Coach Guide
Everyone wears safety goggles!
Choose one wooden block
Sand the front & ends of the wooden block to create smooth surfaces. Round sharp edges & corners.
Pick four wheels & one type of fastener. Nails are quicker, screws are more accurate and stronger.
Align all four wheels onto wooden block and visualize where your fasteners go! Keep wheels aligned!
Pick a tool. Screwdrivers are only for strong connections with screws. Push and twist to the right!
Pick a tool. Hold hammer at bottom of handle! Students are welcome to work on the floor
Test your vehicle. Do all four wheels spin? Are they even? Make adjustments as needed!
Time to add another piece! Use screws or nails - but make sure they can reach into the wood below it
Finish vehicle with a colorful design
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