Building A Basic Basket
Pick which side you want to be the bottom of your basket. Place the bottom face up
With the bottom of your basket facing you start a new weaver on any new spoke. Don’t worry about where you finished your base weaver
Begin twining pulling the spokes snug together. You’re now twining around the outside of your basket
Carry the ends of your base weaver up with a nearby spoke
Continue twining and pulling spokes snuggly together. The basket walls will naturally start to turn upward
The more snug you pull the spokes together the quicker the walls will build and the narrower the base will be
Use a Bobby pin to push the waxed linen to cover the spokes (optional)
Build up your basket as tall as you want!
2 finishing options: fringe or wrapped
For either finishing option: Double knot your last weaver for security
Fringe: Trim your fringe evenly
Unravel the cord to create fringe
You can leave the last weaver as fringe or turn it into a little hook
Wrapped: leave a really long weaver (or start a new one if you need to)
Trim spokes to about 2”
Thread both ends of the weaver onto a tapestry needle
Fold the spokes over themselves and wrap with a weaver
Make sure the needle goes through the twining to secure the wrapped edge
Run out of weaver? Tie off and add in a new weaver. Wrap the ends up with the spokes
Wrap all the way around. As tight or as loose as you like
Tight wrap vs loose wrap
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