Turkish bulgur salad
3/4 cup bulgur,3 tablespoon peanuts, 1 small onion chopped, 2 green onions chopped, 1 small capsicum
2 tablespoon tomato paste,1 teaspoon cumin powder,1 teaspoon black pepper crushed, salt
2 tablespoon oil,1 tomato,2 cucumbers,2 tablespoon olives, 1/3 avocado chopped,coriander to sprinkle
Pomegranate arils, feta cheese crumbled
Bulgur or burgul, you can use couscous or brown rice but this is a bulgur recipe essentially
Heat oil, add raw peanuts, toast slightly and take them out
Remove peanuts and add chopped onions
Saute onion, add capsicum, green onions, tomato paste,salt,pepper,cumin. Stir
Stir for a few minutes and add bulgur, I am using coarse so it will require almost 1 cup or water
Mix everything nicely, cover, lower the flame and cook for around 10 minutes
Once bulgur is done and dry, let it cool for sometime and add rest of the ingredients
I added cucumbers,tomatoes,olives,fried peanuts, avocado, feta,pomegranate and coriander
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