Calathea Orbifolia Plant Care
Calathea Orbifolia is native to South America and is a beautiful and popular houseplant with a dramatic reputation.
It is very important that you keep this plant in a pot that has a lot of drainage holes because they like damp, but not wet soil.
Orbifolia can live in a general soil mixture. A good one would be a soil that has a high peat moss content because peat moss increases moisture.
Since orbifolia are native to a rain forest environment, it only needs bright indirect light, to low light. Direct sun will burn its edges!
Place it close to a north facing window (1st window), or a few feet away from a south or east (2nd shown window) facing window.
Orbifolia need to get water on a consistent schedule. They need to live in soil that is moist but not drenched. Soil should never dry out completely.
If your plant lives in low light it might only need water once a week whereas a brighter environment might need water twice a week.
Always check the moisture of soil in a pot with your finger before watering.
Orbifolia also love humidity! If you are watering the plant consistently and find it is still getting brown tips, place the plant near a humidifier.
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