We’re going to learn how to turn our normal neighborhood into a magical kingdom!
You are going to need boxes, glue, scissors, something to color with, and any paper or junk lying around
Take a walk around your neighborhood and draw out a map of what you see
Now list all the things you wish were in your neighborhood. It could be anything from an arcade to mermaids in your local pond.
Find a board or large piece of paper when you get home. This will be your big map of your neighborhood.
Decorate and map out the walk you took on the big board.
Tip: place a book or something heavy on the corners if you paint. This will stop the surface from curling.
Don’t be scared to make it colorful and pretty:)
Draw some rectangles and squares on the inside of thin boxes to start creating the things you listed earlier. These are a good basis for buildings.
If your comfortable, try experimenting with different shapes.
Use junk or cut out squares and rectangles for doors and windows
To make a roof, cut out half circles and triangles to attach to the top of your buildings.
Remember to decorate and make your neighborhood kingdom colorful
To make your buildings stand up, cut out a triangle wedge and use a powerful glue or tape to attach it to the back of your buildings.
Place your neighborhood improvements where you want them on the board and take a picture!
Now you have your dream magical neighborhood!
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