Caring For Houseplants In Winter
As light levels drop, move plants closer to windows so they can get more light. A plant in a north facing window can be set in a south or west window.
Wash or dust off your plants so they can get access to as much light as possible.
Humidity levels can drop up to 15% in winter. Group plants together and place a humidifier nearby.
Water your plants less. Lower sun and humidity mean plants are growing slower during winter and therefore need smaller amounts of water to hydrate.
Still always check soil moisture before watering. A plant that you watered once a week in the summer might only need water every 2 weeks now.
Stop fertilizing plants. When light is weak plants can stretch towards the light and fertilizer will encourage this leggy growth.
Don't repot plants in winter even if you see roots growing out. Their slowed growth rate means they don't bounce back from disturbances as strongly.
Winter is a good time to prune off branches so the plant will grow bushier in summer.
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