Carving A Character Strength Tile
What you'll need
Leather Hard Clay Tile
Remove your tile & plate from the storage bag. We transferred the design in a previous step.
Practice holding your pencil straight up like a pole. It’s a little awkward at first. The technique will help with good craftsmanship.
Choose a line on the design to carve. Using a light touch, draw along the design to gently carve the line.
Holding the pencil perpendicular to the clay will make a clear neat line. Use a light touch to carve. The pencil should not cut through the tile.
Here is the difference in the carving when the pencil is at a different angle.
One line is smooth and even. The other line is angled and ragged.
As you carve, the clay will pull out and maybe stick on the pencil. Remove the crumbs as you go.
The pencil will carve up a ridge. Use your fingers to smooth out the lines and lightly recarve each line again.
Take time to carve carefully to make a quality crafted tile. We are expecting good craftsmanship.
Continue to carve, smooth and lightly recarve the design. Keep a light touch so that the tile is not chopped up.
Have fun! The more you practice the better you get.
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