Chicken Shawarma Wrap
Use thin cut chicken thighs and add shawarma spices, yogurt, olive oil, lemon & orange juice, and pomegranate molasses. Marinate for 2-3 hrs.
Use your preferred method of cooking. I love the air fryer! Assemble them like so and cook at 370 for 20 min (air fryer only)
Chop juicy and tender chicken into bite size pieces
Cut a line halfway through pita. Add garlic sauce, pickles & pickled beets, shawarma, tomatoes, and onions with sumac. Add whatever you like!
Add oil to a pan on high heat. Then place the wrap on top and push gently with another pan to cook evenly.
Cook for about 3 min. Flip and it should be golden and crispy like this!
This wrap is huge! Cut in half to get the perfect size. Done! Enjoy ❤️
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