Classic Barre Workout w/ Light Weights & Your Chair
Soft standing knee. Tight abs and neutral spine, shoulders back & down. Crunch knee & elbows in. Circle arms out as you kick your leg back. 2x10/side
Lunge w/ shoulder press. Set up in a long lunge. Lower back knee down, press your weights over head. Step forward and alternate legs. 20x, both legs=1
Chair rows. Sit all the way back in the chair. Lean shoulders forward. Tight abs, neutral spine. Pull elbows up/back, alternate or together. 2x10/arm
Knee Dancing. Knees under hips, tuck tailbone, tight glutes & abs, shoulders back/down. Hinge from knees using your quads to power the motion. 3x10.
Plank #1. 1 elbow down. Feet behind hips. Alternating knee crunch to same elbow. Switch & do opposite side. 20x/side, both knees = 1
Oblique twists. Knees in table. Abs engage & push low back down. Shoulders up, elbows out. Extend leg & twist opp arm to knee. 3x10, both legs = 1
Plank #2. Both elbows down. Legs long or on knees. Crunch knee to elbow then extend long. Do one side at a time. 2x10/side
Thanks for working out with me! For more ways to Make Time For Me Time visit me on IG, FB & YT @sostyled.jen
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